Complete Your Hari Raya OOTD with Chenta Lunar Boutique.

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Complete Your Hari Raya OOTD with Chenta Lunar Boutique. | Next month all the Muslims will be celebrating Hari Raya and it is a Sunnah to wear new clothes on the first morning of Eid. Thus many have to start preparing and buying new clothes to celebrate the day of winning.

Raya clothes become a must for everyone including women and mothers who are meticulous about Eid preparations for the whole family. For those looking for something different in this year's Aidilfitri, CHENTA LUNAR BOUTIQUE offers the "Celestial In Style" concept for everyone.

Butik Chenta Lunar Shah Alam

Celestial in Style at Chenta Lunar Boutique.

Celestial means celestial or heavenly, it is a metaphor for the highlighted concept which is a style that is always "up to date" and not out of date.

Chenta Lunar Boutique located at 65, Jalan Plumbum P/7P, Section 7, Shah Alam will start operating on 9 October 2022 corresponding to 12 Rabiul Awal 1444H. This boutique is inspired by a woman who is passionate about fighting for her life's desires.

Baju Raya 2023 Butik Chenta Lunar,

Baju Raya 2023 Butik Chenta Lunar,

In an effort to rise after the pandemic, in addition to wanting to provide career opportunities to the public. The name "Lunar" itself has an expressive, easy-going, socializing, creative and life-enjoying personality. This makes Chenta Lunar Boutique quickly known to the public.

Baju Raya 2023 Butik Chenta Lunar,

Kurta Baju Raya 2023 Butik Chenta Lunar,

And this year brings a variety of clothing for Eid such as baju kurung, modern baju kurung, robes, children's baju kurung and many more. For those of you who want to find corporate clothes such as dresses, office attire, casual, cardigans, jumpsuits are all available at Chenta Lunar Boutique. In addition, exclusive kurta shirts are also sell here.

Baju Raya 2023 Butik Chenta Lunar,

In conjunction with the upcoming Raya, for those who shop over RM150 and above, a special free gift is available from Chenta Lunar Boutique.

In addition, you also can orders wedding dresses, engagement party dresses, bridesmaid dresses, graduation dresses or corporate dresses here. Chenta Lunar Boutique has the energy to sketch designs and also sew orders.


Baju Raya Kids 2023 Butik Chenta Lunar,
Baju Raya for kids

Starting 1 Ramadan, which is March 23, 2023, the Mother & Child baju raya concept will be launched at a price of RM150 and below. Seize this opportunity by being frugal but able to look festive on the holiday. This "Mother Daughter Type" concept provides convenience for parents to buy the same baju raya under one roof. 

As a mom with a daughter, I also always look forward to this concept in every store we go to.

Baju Raya 2023 Butik Chenta Lunar,
RM100 baju kurung

For those who want a more glamorous outfit, an 'on-the-spot request' service is available for customers who want to add beads, lace or etc. This service is rarely offered by other boutiques, but this is what makes Chenta Lunar Boutique different.

On top of that, they also sell bag, and shawls and you also can pre-order hamper Raya during this Ramadan here.

Bag 2023 Butik Chenta Lunar,

Bag 2023 Butik Chenta Lunar,

Hence, did anything catch your eye? Do drop by Chenta Lunar Boutique really soon cos I can't promise what you see here will be available for so long! 

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Address :

Butik Chenta Lunar
65, Jalan Plumbum P/7P,
Seksyen 7, Shah Alam,

Located next to PKNS Biz Point, operating from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm (closed Mondays). And during this Ramadan, they extended the operating hours to 10.30pm. 

For those who want more information or have further questions, you can contact 019-7542705.

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