4 Act of Kindness in Life.

Amirrah Othman
4 Act of Kidness in Life. | Jumaah barakah everyone. Did you know that kindness done to a person must be done with sincerity without expecting any return except asking for a reward from God.

This is because without sincerity, the practice is not accepted by Allah. Rasullullah SAW said:

Allah does not accept deeds unless they are done sincerely and expect His face. - [HR Nasai 3089].

Act of kindness, kindness, be kind,

Islam also does not prevent a person who has been helped to reciprocate every deed handed down to him in fact it is an act that is highly demanded.

Being grateful to human beings is in the sense of expressing gratitude and appreciation for the help given.

Thanking other human beings for their kindness becomes a measure of whether a person can be grateful to God or not for all the blessings He has given.

1. Great rewards for doing good to others.

Rasullullah SAW said : It is not said to be grateful to Allah for anyone who does not know how to be grateful to human beings. - [HR Abu Daud 4811]

This coincides with the words of the Prophet : Whoever does good to him, then he said to the person: Jazakallah khairan (may Allah reward you with goodness), then indeed he has really raised the praise. - [HR Nasai 9937]

Being grateful to others does not require any capital in fact it is the simplest and easiest gestures which only needs to use the saliva(just speak up) but the effect is very profound to those who being help.

Do good with sincerity.

2. Respond with the best response

Responding better to those who have helped us when in trouble is the sunnah of the Prophet.

For example, someone who has helped give us a loan, then repay him by overpaying. The practice of overpaying debts when paying debts is a noble practice and was shown by the Prophet SAW himself.

This can be seen from the hadith narrated by Jabir Ibn Abdullah: He owed me, then he paid it and overpaid me. - [HR Bukhari 443 and Muslim 715].

Similarly, if someone gives us a gift or food like a neighbor who gives food, then respond to it with the best response.

Rasullullah SAW said : Whoever has done good to you, then reciprocate his kindness. - [HR Abu Daud 1672]

3. Do good to fellow human beings.

If a person is unable to reciprocate kindness by giving what is best to him then it is also permissible to pray to him.

This coincides with the hadith of the Prophet: If you do not find something that can reciprocate his kindness, then pray for him until you think that you have really reciprocated his kindness. - [HR Abu Daud 1672].

Islam emphasizes on one's relationship with another. Although he is not able but Islam provides a way for a person to always be grateful for the help given.

4. Explain his goodness to others

Telling one’s kindness to others can increase respect. Others will know the good he does to others then he will be known as a good person.

Whoever is given a gift then he has something he should reciprocate the gift, if he does not have something he should praise him.

Whoever praises him (the giver) means he has been grateful, and whoever covers it then he has disbelieved. - [HR Abu Daud 4179].

Therefore, let us be a people who love to repay the good that has been done to us. If we receive a gift, reciprocate!

And parents, do teach the act of kindness to your kids from they are young so when they are adult, they can be a wiser and great human. And I hope who ever in debt will be bless with more rezqki to pay their debt, so we can die in peace someday.

Be kind!

*** Credit to Dr. Nur Mohammad Hadi Zahalan (Hadi Almaghribi).


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