Selangor & KL Welcoming Phase 4 on 18 October 2021.

Amirrah Othman
Selangor & KL Welcoming Phase 4 on 18 October 2021. | This month mark 90% of fully vaccinated in Malaysia and sees the covid-19 cases are reducing day by day. Thus, today government announce another changes in selected phases.

Selangor and Kuala Lumpur also another states in Malaysia will be in the 4th phases on 18 October 2021. It was a good news to all especially to us in Selangor. I guess all sector will be open soon and many things will likely goes back to normal again. So welcome endemic!

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Apart of the announcement, government also announce other procedures regarding the covid-19 SOP today. It also includes : 

1. Quarantine Day

Home quarantine day will reduced to only 7 days starting from 18 October 2021 for all fully vaccinated citizens, while unvaccinated will be reduced to 10 days for all positive cases and close contact cases. 

For those who coming back from traveling also will be reduced to 7 days for fully vaccinated, and 10 days for unvaccinated at the quarantine station. 

2. R&R Time Operation Hour

Since the cross state is allow, I also hopes that the R&R will have the longer operation hour. And today, Dato' Ismail Sabri Yaakob announce that starting 16 October 2021, R&R can be operated 24 hours. This is a good news for all the operators in R&R since they had lost so much during the MCO right?

3. Meeting Face to Face

Meeting, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE) is now allowed face to face to all the state in Phase 3 for all fully vaccinated individuals starting 18 October 2021.

4. Taxi and E-hailing Capacity

This will a good news for all who using the taxi and e-hailing facility, you can now ride with full capacity starting tomorrow, 16 October 2021. And yes, we can bring our kids outside using grab conveniently starting tomorrow.

5. Umrah 

Since they announce that MyTravelPass is no longer needed for travel, they also give out the permission for all Muslim who wanted to perform Umrah starting on 18 October 2021. I also start seeing Umrah package being sell today and it starts at RM7,999. May Allah bless my family for more rezqi so I can perform Umrah and Hajj as fast as I can.

6. Cyber Cafe Operation 

Cyber cafe also one of the business that affected badly during the covid-19 crisis, and starting on 17 October 2021, the Phase 3 state can occupied 80% from the cafe capacity, while the Phase 4 state can occupied 100% from the cafe capacity.

Hence I hope with this new rules government will implement, the economy and people will getting better. So many people and business affected during the pandemic of covid-19 when it hits the world last year. Many have died to it, many brand have couldn't survive but then I hope that everyone will get back again stronger.

I guess school also will be opening soon enough. It is a relieved if the kids can back to school normally. The PdPR is so hectic for both me and my kids. Seeing kids can go to school normally is so great after this pandemic. 

Anyway yes, stay safe and do follow the SOP and do take your vaccine today!

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