Wordless Wednesday : Mukbang Yummy Soup Instant Noodle

shamiera osment
Wordless Wednesday : Mukbang Yummy Soup Instant Noodle. | Hi everyone, who doesn't love eating instant noodle on this day right? Asian people really love instant noodle and they have so many variation of it from the ramen, ramyun or Malaysian always love to call it Maggi eventhough the brand is Mamee or Saji.

Recently, I received 3 carton of instant noodle namely Yummy Soup Instant Noodle. It is a brand from China and of course it is Halal and their Halal is recognized by Jakim. Unlike our curry, tomyam and chicken soup instant noodle, this one really taste good and full with herbs. The seasoning is not a powder form but it is paste form. If you cook it,on the stove and add any other ingredients in it I'm sure it will be the best you ever had.

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So check out my video HERE for full review!


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