Al-Fatihah to Mamat Khalid.

Amirrah Othman
Al-Fatihah to Mamat Khalid. | I waking up and been shocked with a sadden news of the death of one of the best director in Malaysia. 

The country's entertainment industry today lost another artist, the famous director Mamat Khalid, who was confirmed dead at 1am this morning (Sunday) at Slim River Hospital, Perak due to heart problems.

Mamat khalid meninggal dunia,

The sad news was shared by Din Dressa through a post on his Facebook just now.

“It is sad to inform that Mamat Khalid has passed away just now at Slim River Hospital.

May the deceased be placed among the believers.

"His services in the field of film are very much appreciated, especially in introducing the character of Medical Assistant in the films he directed," he wrote.

The remains will be brought back to Ipoh for burial. It was said the caused of the death is heart problem. He had a heart attck and was bought to Hospital Slim River on 12.30am and was announce death later on. 

Arwah has been active in the art world since 1996 and among his stage-breaking works are Zombi Kampung Pisang, Hantu Kak Limah, Man Laksa and Rock Ooo. It was a sad news to me as one his big fans of his film, he really has made me and family happy with his film and especially the 16 Puasa and this year 18 Puasa.

Since 16 Puasa, we can't wait for another film by him and next year I don't what to expect from others. Hope his legacy will be continued by his children.

Al-Fatihah Mamat Khalid, you surely deeply will be missed.

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