Wordless Wednesday : From Today, It's My Turn!

Amirrah Othman
Wordless Wednesday : From Today, It's My Turn! | Hi everyone, it's been a while I didn't make a filem or drama review but this drama is so hilarious and I guess everyone will enjoy watching it. Especially if you love anime, this drama will make you roll out laugh.

The drama makes me miss the good old days when I use to watch Japan drama not k-drama. The actor on this film so funny and they did amazing act according to the anime. If you enjoy watching Crow Zero, High and Low before this, you might fall in love with this drama too. 

From Today It's my turn! Japan drama from today it's my turn review,

If you in a bad mood, go ahead watch this drama now!

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  1. Best ek, nanti anak balik nak ajak le dating nengok hehehehe..

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