Bantuan Kehilangan Pendapatan(BKP) for Malaysian but Not for GKP Holder.

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Bantuan Kehilangan Pendapatan(BKP) for Malaysian but Not for GKP Holder.| Yesterday, Prime Minister Dato' Ismail Sabri Yakob announce that they will release payment to Individuals who loss income this year. Approximately, 870,000 individuals will receive Bantuan Kehilangan Pendapatan (BKP) of RM500 on a one-off basis starting October 26. It is the government's effort to ensure the well-being of Malaysian families, especially the target groups affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The government is aware of the grievances of many who have lost their source of income about the difficulty of getting on with their daily lives. In line with government policy, no member of the Malaysian Family will be excluded and the government will ensure that economic prosperity will be enjoyed together.

Bantuan Kehilangan Pendapatan(BKP), syarat bantuan BKP,

Therefore, the Prime Minister is pleased to announce that the payment of Bantuan Kehilangan Pendapatan (BKP) of RM500 on a "one-off" basis will be made starting Tuesday, 26 October 2021.


BKP eligibility criteria are based on EPF and SOCSO contribution data as follows:

i. Have an EPF / SOCSO contribution of at least 6
moon in 2020; and

ii. No contribution for at least 3 consecutive months
until 30 June 2021 (Contributions April, May, June 2021).

Check your status here :

BKP Payment Method.

Payment is made based on the following payment methods:

i. Crediting to bank account

Payment is based on bank account information reported to the ACA / BKC / GKP if the recipient also receives the assistance or based on an active BSN Bank Account.

ii. Cash at the Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) Counter

Not official bank account information during ACA / BKC / GKP application or Not having an active BSN bank account status

Unfortunately, this great news will not a good news to all GKP holder or your wife/husband is the GKP holder course you might won't receive the payment. I saw many complaint about the issue on the Facebook Group of Geran Khas Perihatin 4.0 and I immediately thought my husband will not received the BKP. To my surprise, he is eligible for the BKP payment and it was a relief since my car broke again last week. 

Anyway, this issue might be unfair to the GKP holder who lost the status as the B40 and others B40 privilege. As someone who also affected by it, I also disagree when the government just took the average of GKP holder as someone who have a stable income like the M40. 

Some might just sells burger or fried banana at the sideroad but the privilege like MySalam, BPR and even BKC are not eligible anymore to us. Like us who received the GKP, we solely use the money to paid our debt when we trying to rent the stall at Uptown before this, and it doesn't really help to improve our business but I'm glad I can use it to pay my debt.

Helter-skelter we glad the Malaysian government have the initiative to helps the one who needed during this pandemic but I hope all the help can be more fair in the future. 

Let's together strive for our future and may everyone will be bless with more fortune in everything they do right now. 

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