CHARMS Cosmetic Skincare Launched Morphosis 2021.

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CHARMS Cosmetic Skincare Launched Morphosis 2021. | Hi and Salam everyone! Last Saturday, I had a chance to attend the Virtual Launch event of Morphosis 2021 Program. The program lasted for 30 days from October 9, 2021 to November 7, 2021. The overwhelming response was received with the 220 participants on the event day. Participants consisted of agents and those who are new to the world of entrepreneurship.

Morphosis defined as resurrection. Rise up by building self -confidence, rebranding the spirit of entrepreneurship, creating a great personality and striving for a living without giving up. Did you need this spirit right now? I guess when the government announce the arriving of endemic phase soon, everyone need to come back stronger to live their life again. 

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CHARMS Cosmetic Skincare Launched Morphosis 2021

CHARMS Cosmetic Skincare launched Morphosis 2021 which has taken place virtually through the Zoom and Facebook Live apps. It is also an initiative to empower Malaysians and to produce more entrepreneurs especially in a pandemic season where many workers have lost their jobs.

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9 October 2021 has been a marker for the 30 -day program where a total of 220 participants who have registered with the program will go through a series of 30 -day training and be mentored by more than 12 business coaches.

Participants will be given a complete 30-day schedule that includes training and self-development sessions, marketing plans on social media, reports, achievement reviews and more.

The launch was attended by the Founder of CHARMS Cosmetic Skincare; Nur Bashirah Hussin (known as Mommy Syira) and Khairul Nazuan Khairuddin (known as En. Khairul); coaches and consultants at the closing of the sale, where both made a brief sharing of entrepreneurship throughout the event.

With the slogan "Raise your life", this event aims to empower more Malaysians and produce more talent while maintaining the main objective of the product, which is to improve our skin.

CHARMS Cosmetic Skincare focuses on the content of high-performance ingredients that can help treat from within the skin tissue. CHARMS also provides free consulting services to anyone through its representatives known as CHARMS Angels.

CHARMS Hydra Fresh Tinted Moisturizer Effectively Softens And Protects Skin From Free Radicals.

CHARMS Cosmetic Skincare is proud to announce the launch of its flagship product; Hydra Fresh Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 50 with a new, more economical size. This product will moisturize the skin more effectively while keeping it from free radicals.

With the properties of high-performance ingredients from the content of this product, Hydra can help improve the condition of the skin, making it more moisturized and bright. Aloe vera is rich in antioxidants helping to soften and moisturize the skin, and the glycerin contained in it also protects the skin from dryness which makes it very important especially in times of climate change that is hitting the world and making it hotter than usual.

CHARMS believes that with this new size, it will be more economical for consumers and it is also in line with its slogan “bigger, more value, more impact”.

CHARMS Hydra is now available on the market and consumers are advised to contact CHARMS Angels for any questions and further information about the product.

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CHARMS Hydra Fresh Tinted Moisturizer 5G: RM 39.00
CHARMS Hydra Fresh Tinted Moisturizer 10G: RM 59.00
CHARMS Hydra Fresh Tinted Moisturizer 30G: RM 99.00

Get to Know CHARMS Founder Syira Hussin

Founder of CHARMS has a positive personality and is articulate. She knows what is desired in her business. In addition she wanted the community to take care of internal and external beauty, while her main goal is to help the community generate income.

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She always opens up opportunities to anyone who wants to get up. Whether new or existing entrepreneurs. Comment further on product branding vs. personal branding. Mrs. Syira Hussin or more affectionately called by Mommy Syira, has focus and own principles in life and business.

Despite the dumping of new brands and products emerging, she is not afraid to compete healthily in the industry. She belief that everyone have their own rezeki in life and the competition is the sweetness of a challenge in business. Beauty products are indeed have high competition in the market, but in the the best products will win the heart of the customer.

Mommy Syira also said that people believe in story, and her products is a "High Impact" products where it is good, safe and effective. And all of that is based on a true research, where currently CHARMS collaborate with University Tun Hussien On on making research of their products. Consumer trust in the product is very important.

CHARMS through expert testing and expert research. Mrs. Syira Hussin is very particular about the ingredients in her product. She went to factory and choose the ingredient with the grade she wanted for her customer and of course suitable with Malaysian budget. She wanted her product to be affordable to all.


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CHARMS provides beauty solutions with tested and proven results in Southeast Asia. CHARMS products are produced in Malaysia and founded by a local Malaysian Muslim entrepreneur, Puan Nur Basyirah Hussin in March 2012.

The brand name comes from the word “charm”; with the main tag "CHARMS Raise Your Life". CHARMS products are made with the best natural ingredients that is Shariah Compliance and HALAL certified by a strict independent body, namely the DEPARTMENT OF ISLAMIC DEVELOPMENT MALAYSIA (JAKIM).

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CHARMS helps many women in beautifying their self -confidence with HALAL and safe cosmetic skin care products. CHARMS also always supports all women to look attractive and improve their standard of living together by joining the CHARMS Entrepreneur team.

At CHARMS, they are very meticulous in the selection of the best and highest quality ingredients to ensure that their products meet the HALAL guidelines in accordance with the Islamic law set by JAKIM. Of course, CHARMS products are produced from the best factories and have ISO and GMP standards.

CHARMS products have been recommended by Asian dermatologists with the Dermatologist Tested label. This proves that CHARMS products are safe to use for all skin types. In addition, CHARMS products are also clinically tested from the National Poisen Center, USM, SIRIM BERHAD and caliber laboratories in Malaysia.

At CHARMS, they also received 100,000 testimonials from CHARMS users who are satisfied because they have got flawless, healthier and more beautiful facial skin after consistent use. CHARMS also has received various recognitions including from Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand and Asia Pacific Super Health Brand

Thus, I do confident that CHARMS will continue to grow into the premier cosmetics choice in the Southeast Asian region. With the great vision of the Founder, Mommy Syira and also the great product they produce, hopefully CHARMS will be sustain in the market and go international soon. And guess what, Mommy Syira also already have plan to collaborate with the factory in Japan that is well known with a branded product, but her plan have to stop due to the pandemic that hit the world today. Anyway, I hope the collaboration will be success soon for CHARMS.

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  1. MasyaAllah usaha murni dari Founder memang sangat diperlukan untuk memberi anjakan paradigma kepada team. Semoga CHARMS terus sukses dan Mommy Syira tidak berputus asa untuk bantu masyarakat terus sihat dan cantik luar dalam.

  2. Cantik luar dalam, itu yang ramai mahukan. Charms kan ada. nice ni

  3. When I heard what she's done and all the R&D and collaborations made to ensure the success of every products, I am truly in awe with her efforts and appreciates CHARMS.

  4. Terbaik la brand Charms ni.. Suka philosophy mereka ni... "Raise Your Life", so true and important kan...use with confident too since ada Halal certificate..

  5. Wahh skicare baru. Senang kan sekarang launching buat online je. Kat mana mana pun boleh tengok product launch.

  6. Berkat kejayaan dia sebab suka berkongsi ilmu.. bukan aja cantik, tapi ilmu yang dia ada tu dalam perniagaan Allah kembangkan hingga produk dia meletop.. nanti nak try gak laaa produk Charms ni..

  7. suka product charms ni.. best lps guna tak melekit langsung kat muka.. mmg sesuai untuk kulit asia

  8. Belum pernah guna jenama ni tapi biasa dah nampak billboard dia. Produk bagus, berkualiti, lebih yakin sebab adanya halal. Moga charms terus maju jaya.

  9. Baguskan inisiatif founder Charms ni nak memperkasakan ekonomi Malaysia. Salute sangat. Dah la moisturiser dia mmg best

  10. Satu lagi usahawan muda yang berjaya membawa diri kearah kejayaan dengan memberanikan diri keluar produk kecantikan sendiri..Moga lebig ramai anak muda berjaya macam ni juga ..

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