How to Start Blogging?

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How to Start Blogging? | When you become a blogger, there is a common question people will ask how to start blogging? Confused about starting blogging? Most people ask how to start blogging, and many people immediately think of how to make money fast from blogging.

But before thinking about how to get money from a blog, it would be nice for you to create quality content first. A good content will bring fortune to your blog.

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Hence here are the basic information you should pay attention on how to start blogging:

1. Determine Your Blog Niche

You can choose a topic according to your wishes, it can be about traveling, tips and tricks, tutorials, or others. And as for my site, the niche might not specific and it more likely to be a lifestyle blog where I add many information at one place.

2. Choose a platform for blogging

There are many platforms for blogging, including:
  • Blogspot com
  • Wordpress com
  • Wordpress org
  • Wix com

for beginners I recommend using blogspot because it is easy to use and of course its free!

3. Use Domain and Hosting services

Domain is the name/address of your website, Hosting is where your files are stored. For services like this, you can try hosting services from Malaysia it can be Exabytes, KL Net and etc. Anyway, i bought my domain from GoDaddy and it so cheap for the first time but to renew it about RM70 per year. So it still affordable for me.

4. Specify Domain name

There are several things to consider when choosing a domain name, namely:
  • Customize the domain name with the topic/niche of your blog
  • Avoid names that are similar to popular websites
  • Choose a domain name that is easy to remember, for example like this quora
  • We recommend using a domain name ending in .com or .net
  • Avoid using dashes (-) and numbers
  • A good domain name can be pronounce from 2-5 phrase

5. Post quality content

Quality in terms of writing, images used, information contained in your website, all of which are needed by readers. Especially content that benefits readers. The easy tips share something you well know about, and it is benefits you.

6. Consistency is important!

In writing a blog, you can't just write a few articles and then get money right away. The most important thing in blogging is to be consistent and painstaking. Plan a schedule for posting articles on your blog, 2x a week, every other day, or even every day. At least you have to upload regularly even if only 1 article per day, especially when you just starting your blogging.

And the most important thing in blogging is Don't get your hopes up with money. Because Results will follow Quality itself. A successful blogger also takes months to get money from Adsense. Well therefore you have to be patient in building a blog.

And again consistency/istiqamah is important when you do something. Leave me a comment if you feel benefits from this post and maybe I should share others tips in blogging in the future. 

Happy blogging!

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