5 Reason Why You Should Have Sudio T2!

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5 Reason Why You Should Have Sudio T2! | Hej music lovers! Who can't live without music and always have their bud or headphone in their bag? Remember last time I made a review about Sudio Nio? Guess what, today I'll share with you the new Sudio T2 I have received recently fresh from Sweden.

Sudio well known with their ear phones and speaker product has released a new ear buds with a great technology on the September 2021. I have the opportunity to grab one of this latest product by Sudio and of course I was impress with the beauty of it design and of course the color that I had, Sand. 

While the color that brought attention to me, of course Sudio T2 is more than by a great design. It have the latest technology. 
Hence, here is the reason why you should have Sudio T2 today :

1. Up to 35 hours of battery life, 7.5 hours in a single charge

Sudio T2 is sweat and splash proof for the active and on-the-go listener with up to 35 hours of battery life using the charging case, and 7.5 hours of listening time on one charge. If you having problem like forgot to plug in? You can just energize with up to 2 hours of listening time in a single 10 minute quick charge.

2. Beamforming microphones.

Sudio T2 is designed for more life. Active noise cancellation means a deeper listen without interruption. Beamforming microphones control environmental noise for clearer calls, while the dynamic driver delivers crisp, uncompromising sound.

Sudio T2 creates a deeper, more immersive listening experience by analysing ambient noise and generating anti-frequencies in real time. That’s the power of Sudio T2’s feedforward active noise cancelling technology. Noise is cancelled before it even reaches your ear. Block out ambient distractions wherever you are, whether commuting on transit, out for a walk, or at home.

3. Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

Each Sudio T2 earphone features a dual beamforming microphone array, one mic pointed outwards to capture the ambient surroundings, and one mic pointed towards your mouth to capture your voice. Sudio T2’s internal digital signal processing algorithm analyses the sound waves and reduces ambient noise. So your voice always comes in loud and clear.

4. Dynamic audio driver with all day comfort

After 17 iterations, searching on two continents, and tested on over 400 ears, Sudio T2’s newly shaped ear tips offer the perfect balance of fit and comfort for any ear size from XS to L. Keep listening for a longer period without the dull ear ache that can come with typical earphones.

Most earphone drivers require alteration during assembly, subtly compromising their innate frequencies. Sudio T2’s was designed around its dynamic driver, fitting perfectly without compromise. That way we maintain crisp, clean, and robust sound quality. Steps like these ensure a better listening experience, getting you closer to immersing yourself in your chosen sound.
  • Driver size 8 mm
  • Impedance 16Ω
  • Sensitivity 92dB @1.0KHz

5. Available in 4 colour

This cool Sudio T2 comes in 4 beautiful color that Black, White, Sand, and Jade. With its weight 46.2g, it is also splash proof and it's convenience for you to bring this gadget to the beach but not to swim. Min/max environment temperature is around -20 -60 °C. Anyway I love the Sand color cos it can't go wrong with any outfit but the 3 other colors is also beautiful too!

The charging cable is type-c and it makes it convenient for me as I use Adroid phone and it goes well with my phone charger. One thing I really love about Sudio product is the accessories always come in the same color with the product, it so exclusive.

So I think this 5 reason is more than enough for you to have new ear buds right? Sudio T2 (set price USD 129/MYR 549) and I'll give you another reason why you should grab it today. Yes, do use my discount code SHAMT2 for 15% discount. So now you can have more savings and of course Sudio have 3 years warranty from Sudio Sphere and it ships worldwide!

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  1. Memang best gilerr kan, cute je design dia, yang penting sound bagus dan ketahanan baterinya tahan lama..

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