The Greatest Bloggers BBQ Pool Party!

shamiera osment

Bloggers BBQ Pool Party sound fun when it was proposed to us... What you will expect when bloggers are together and doing the thing that they love? Its HAVOC!

NY Steak Shack

First of all I would love to express my credit to the Big Boss, Sidney Kan, from for his a lot of effort to ensure this party to be happened successful and happening. He search for all the great sponsored to ensure everyone will remembered this awesomeness party ever!

Part of blogger that join the party

Even though the name was a pool party but this party was not a sexy party. The one that really sexy on that day is my daughter Zahra who is wearing a bikini..hihihi

One of the highlight of that day is have your potrait or picture taken by the international Ninja Photographer. Zung the photoz, his touch was magnifiecient. I couldn't wait for his photo and I would love to change my banner with it..hihihih...

Zung, The Photoz, Ninja Photographer

Lots of activities that me and my kids done that day, one of it is the making a jewellery. This session is sponsor by Kelvin Gems.

There is also face painting session.. and the artwork also very nice...

Our food that day was sponsored by Bakarlah the one who grill our food and sponsored the lamb and chicken... the lamb and the sauce was great.. I can get enough of it...

The seafood such as prawn and fish sponsored by GST Group.

bakarlah bbq

Spaghetti Meatball by NY Steak Shack. and NY Steak Shack also sponsored a complimentary voucher to us.. I can't wait to dine in there. The spaghetti also delicious... I had 3 plate of it.. ^_^"

bakarlah bbq

Eastin Hotel sponsored us 3 whole delicious cakes. One of it that I remember most is Mango Cheesecake. 

During that day everyone was having so much fun, I met new blogger and take selfie. Everyone was so sporting. We keep on laughting and teasing each other. 

My daughter and son refuse to get out from pool until it almost Maghrib. Bonda have to be a lion to make they stay out from the pool.. huhuhu

Talk to hand Fateh said

Overall it is a great experience and the best Bloggers BBQ Pool Party ever. It is fun to do things out in formality right? 

and thanks to Syafiera from, and her husband for their kindness to sent me and my family home. 

Of cos thanks again Sidney Kan...

The Best Ever BBQ Pool Party!

* Photo credited to Kelly Chin from and Miriam from


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  1. wow..bestnyee.. meriah sangat... =) bbq memang best..

  2. haha gedik sangat zahra.bestla anak2 pun enjoy kan.

  3. perghhh best gilos ada pool party! xtau pun. sedihnya bila x femes gini

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