Kids Jewellery Making with Kelvin Gems

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Kelvin Gem is famous with its adorable jewellery... They already organizing a lot of workshop pertaining to jewellery making.

Recently, Kelvin Gems are organizing the Kids Jewellery Making workshop for the children and last Saturday I brought my little Zahra to join the workshop. This time the theme is FELT.

Zahra ready to make her jewellery

So what is felt?

The  event was held at Kinokuniya, KLCC and the place was at a private section so everyone could done the private class peacefully.

Everyone is taking their sit

When everyone is ready taking their sit, Angie giving the explanation what we will do for that day.. So the first task is to choose our won beads. Zahra really enjoyed her time taking all the cute bead that she wanted.

Some of design that done

Zahra choosing her beads

So this class can be enjoyed by the boys too..because there is a lot of beads that suit to the boy such as a skeleton beads and others.

During the class there is 3 instructor that will help you with the cutting and others process that you might not really understand of.. Just like my daughter who is only 3 years old she need many help eventhough she refuse to be independent... 

the happy girl with her necklace

This class are suitable to children age 4 years and above but because I love to expose my kids with something new and experience I brought her here.

Design your own jewellery kids

What Zahra learn from the class?

Zahra learn to be more creative, and trying to do things on her own. It is not easy for someone at her age trying to put the beads on the string.. it takes a lot of effort..but Zahra are willing to try and only give up after several times she try..

Making a bracelet

On that day, Zahra not only making her own bracelet but she also make her bracelet and ear ring  too... that was so much fun!

All the kids during the event

So if you want to bring your kids to this event, do reserve your sit now for the next session on 28th June 2015. Your children will be happy to be apart of it.

For more info about this workshop go to :

Thank you Angie for this great workshop! 

Lets Make Your Own Jewellery!

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  1. aww..sweetnyeee..dapat kat irine ni..memang meghenyamm sakan laa si datin tuuu..dia suka rantai manik2.. huhu

  2. WOW! Beautiful jewelry pieces I must say. It is nice to see the latest summer jewelry collection. The earrings, the bracelets and the ring all are just wonderful. I personally like that perfect platinum diamond ring displayed above. 

    Jewelry Deal

  3. zahra pakai lagi x rantai tu?haha bestla dia.

  4. bestnya kak ami selalu pergi event2 macam ni.. jelesnya kita.

    lawa jewellery dia! suka tgk.

    kita klik sume iklan dkat blog kak ami sekali ^^

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