Review Sayidah Napisah : Typo is Not My Style!

shamiera osment

Hai Everyone, remember my family EFG? Our next task is to review our most cute sister Sayidah Napisah...  So lets review Sayidah Napisah that also known Kak Cik aka KC!

Sayidah Napisah is more friendly with her name Kak Cik, is someone who have a big ambition in his life. This cute little girl wanted to be an educator in School or in University. Kak Ami hope KC will succeed in becoming a lecturer or teacher someday... Time to struggle in your study okay?

KC is a friendly and easygoing person, and in our EFG group she love to tease everyone especially when it comes to the typo mistake. KC is so allergic to typo mistake... and typo really not her style in writing.. ^_^

Another cute thing about this girl is she love to eat but then maybe because of her high metabolism she did not getting fat all but maintain cute... hihi..

KC in action

You can see how happy KC is when she is eating... LOL!

Even though KC is only is teenager but she does look older in  HAHAHAHAAA

So if you can all KC picture here, her smile was so bright like a Colgate Advertising. The beautiful smile always cheers all the brothers and sisters in EFG. 

She has been the ambassador of Colgate since high school..:D

This cute little girl is always a father daughter. Everything that she done she will refer back to his Abi.. KC is the youngest one in the family and that makes her the the apple in her family.

KC start her blogging life as early as 17 years old, and her motto in blogging is she hope to delivered the useful knowledge and give benefits to the readers.

For in your information too, Kak Cik is currently continuing her study in Mathematic course and she do love Mathematics! and even she is active in her blogging life, the EFGiers group, but she never neglect her study.. And it was prove when he was awarded the Best Academic Student recently.

After years using the blog url of memburucintamu.blogspot and at last she change her URL domain to and it suits well her feminine life.

So if you love the runningman and the latest drama in Malaysia, go ahead to because she has tone of it.and you can see the bird ih her blog that will always fly and accompanied you while you where there... :)

To KC hope you will success in your life,study and become someone you wish for...btw KC is single... 


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  1. The bird surely accompony us..... With the static flying activitiy..haha

  2. Sayidah napisah seorang yang ceria blog dipenuhi motivasi, drama melayu dan korea wajib diterjah

  3. kengkadqanag dia pun typo gakssss

  4. ih detected kak ami!!! hahaha i can detect typo in english too! lulz.

    btw thankyou for reviewing me dengan comelnya kak ami! love u muah!

  5. kat sini pun jadi polis gak ke KC hihi :)

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