Yummylicious and Cheap Pavlova in KL!

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Yummylicious and Cheap Pavlova in KL! | What is Pavlova? Many didn't really know what is Pavlova? The taste of Pavlova? Why it is call Pavlova? 

So, let me tell you a short history about Pavlova. Basically Pavlova is a type of dessert that are originated from New Zealand, but then many argue about the originated. The name of Pavlova is came from a Russian Ballet name Anna Pavlova.

Origanally Pavlova are made during occasion and summer time, but now Pavlova are served all year long. Pavlova is made from a Meringue , where the texture is hard at the outside and soft in inside. It usually being served with a fresh cream and fruits. It really taste good to be served cold because it taste more delicous... 

The meringue is sweet, that is why it is served with sour fruit such as strawberry, berries, grapes, peach, kiwi and etc. New trend in Malaysia, the baker had varietis the Pavlova topping to the demand of the customer, such as chocolate sauce, caramel sauce and even Nutella. That's sound sweet and yummy!

Mini Pavlova

Pavlova in a mini size is a hit in Malaysia. The mini size is more cute and more suitable to be served for the guest and also as gift for wedding/engagement ceremony.

Mini Pavlova
Mini Pavlova

Mini Pavlova

Where to Order the Delicious Mini's Pavlova

If you wanted to try the delicious Pavlova, you can order it with Rara, or visit her ig SugarlandByRara . At Sugarland By Rara, there is varieties of pavlova that you can choose from. There is original pavlova and also chocolate pavlova with various topping. Most of the customer that try Pavlova Rara will definitely repeat their order. 

Sugarland by Rara also take order for any occasion such as birthday party, Aqiqah and also others celebration. everything can be deal!

Pavlova for Anniversary

if you felt bored buying cakes for your anniversary, you can also buy a Pavlova in M size for your anniversary. The M size is suitable to be eat for 2 , XL size is suitable for 6-8 pax. But if you the one who are the big fan of sweets you probably can eat the M size Pavlova on your own.. hehehe

pavlova hantaran, Pavlova by Sugarland By Rara

Pavlova by Sugarland By Rara

Pavlova Pakaging

Pavlova by Sugarland By Rara comes in cute packaging! A white box and tied up with a butcher string to make it more unique! It also suitable to be a gift and surprise to your special and love one, or even to family and friends.

Pavlova by Sugarland By Rara


To order, Whatsapp RARA 019-477 4240 (whatsapps only) 


Don't forget, SugarlandByRara okay!

why Sugarland? because LIFE is Sweet.

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  1. hai aami, aRz singgah sini. nampak sedap pavlova ni....belum pernah mencuba. terima kasih perkongsian detail mengenai pavlova disini

  2. maiigaddddd...sedapnya nampak! hahahaha...sally suka yg kat kedai ampang ni...ada satu...yg lain jarang beli sbb selalu kena yg manis gilaaa

    1. try la yg rara ni lak..pastu nnt try yg kak ami buat..hihi

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