Premium Homemade Brownies and Blondies

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Premium Homemade Brownies And Blondies For Kedah Citizen

Brownie original recipe came from a chewy and soft type of chocolate biscuits, but then the original inventor erroneously mixing the biscuit dough, then he put the dough into the mold, baked and then cut it into a square-shaped bar. Due to the dark color it is called Brownie.

The texture is soft like a cake, but compact and dense, and crispy on top. Unlike ordinary cake such as sponge cake, brownies cake is more compact and heavy! The combination of those features make Brownie very delicious and popular among fans of cakes and chocolate particularly.

There are various types of brownie; chewy, gooey and slightly soft and moist and also the type that is quite hard. But the most delicious brownie is the one that is soft and slightly melted in the middle .. nom.nom.nom...

Important tips to produce a delicious brownies is to use pure butter and pure chocolate and it can not be over-baked. In addition, you can not over-mix the batter. So the making of brownies is actually very simple, and you don't really need a mixer but the you have to monitored the details.

Actually there is a lot of brownie's mix sold in supermarkets for the convenient of Brownies fans. But, even for the brownie's mix the price is expensive too. And of cos the taste will not be so tasty compare to the one is made from scratch. Many of the premix also use additional coloring...

In Kedah it is difficult to find a premium Brownies. So to the Brownies fans around the State especially in Alor Setar, Jitra City, College, Head of Border and Mercury, if you want to order Premium Homemade Chocolate Brownies that uses pure quality gourmet chocolate you may order from sis Eny Abdullah.

Premium Brownies Coklat Susu RM 30 Sekotak

Premium Brownies Milk Chocolate RM 30 per box



Blondies is like a siblings to the Brownies, and the only different is the Blonde color and that is why it is call Blondies. A Brownies will be mix with chocolate while it is mixing, likewise Blondies a  milkchocolate in a coin shape are used and be scattered in the batter and it create a beautiful chocolate layers. when you bite it, you can taste the melted chocolate in between it. It felt like heaven... So drooling to hear it right? omg I need it one now!!!

Blondies also famous as Congo Bars in Malaysia.. only in Malaysia..hihihi


Blondies Milk Chocolate RM 30 per box. It filled with so much Milk Chocolate...



Rich Chocolate Brownies With Almond And Chocolate Chips RM 30 per box

Rich Chocolate Brownies With Almond And Chocolate Chips RM 30 per box


Brownies and Blondies can be kept for 5 days in the room temperature because it has no topping or frosting cream. It also suitable to be a gift to a friend and also as a gift on 'hantaran'. You can request to have a normal box packaging or a box with a window, and with the ribbon that suit your engagement ceremony or else. You also can request to add in font on your brownies without any extra charge. Most of the customer that order the fancy box is because they wanted to make it as a gift to their special one such as wife, husband and others. It is a good idea to give your love a box of brownies compare to a bouquet of flower. Right? I'll choose brownies too! You know flower may die but food will become your blood and fat in your body..hahaha



Delivery will be made to your door step for the location around Jitra/ Alor Setar  before 9am and after 6pm everyday. You dont have to worries to pick it up!  :)

So for the one outside Kedah, sis Eny is still waiting for the packaging to be arrived. Insha Allah you can order it by next week... wee! :)

Contact Details :
Eny Abdullah
Phone : 012-5360877
Email :
Website :

Just Whatsapp / Call Eny 012 - 536 0877. Big order will have a special price. 


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