Every house should have 1 gadget at their house,
Special gadget for woman and housewife,
It can be a present and can be use for house chores,
Let me present to you Gadget Are IKAN 
"Periuk Ajaib Generation 2" from Menang Glasware!

Free with all purchase : 

~Extra Rubber
~Multipurpose Rack
~Recipe book

"Pan Lid Can be Removed Easily"

You can removed and open the pan lid as easy as 1,2,3. You just slightly tilt it to removed the lid from the pan.

Saiz Periuk Ajaib Gen 2

How to clean Periuk Ajaib

Spices Chicken 




Periuk Ajaib Accessories

Set of 5

~ Pemangang Ajaib
~ Periuk Ajaib
~ Periuk Goreng Ajaib
~ Periuk kukus Ajaib
~ Walfle Ajaib
~ Pizza Ajaib (Latest)

 IF INTERESTED DO whatsapp : 0136908331 Bonde

I love Periuk Ajaib too!

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