Hei Sushi: A tantalizing new Japanese dining experience!

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When worlds meet, the results are indeed nothing short of spectacular. Likewise, Hei Sushi is poised to make waves in the Japanese food market with its inventive East-meets-West-meets-local take on the well-loved cuisine.

Conceived by the same Innovative Food People who brought Sakae Sushi to the world, Hei Sushi breathes new life into all-time Japanese favourites with a modern touch and an infusion of culinary styles. A unique contemporary dining experience, the all-new Hei Sushi offers a selection of sushi creations prepared with the same distinct freshness diners have come to know and love from its sister brand Sakae Sushi.

Last Sunday, I had my lunch here in Hei Sushi, Alamanda. This is the first outlet of Hei Sushi. So basically, this restaurant did not hold any Halal Certification from JAKIM but then before I had my lunch here, I do ask about their Halal concerned. 

So its concluded that : Hei Sushi did not use any sake for the sushi rice and all the meat item are from the Halal producer.  And of course they did not sell any pork or lard. Hope i clarifies your curiosity. :)

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“Hei Sushi was established to appeal to customers who desire a taste of specially created Japanese dishes in a more contemporary style.” Ms. Yew June, Group General Manager of Marketing for Hei Sushi and Sakae Sushi Malaysia remarks. “Hei Sushi is conceptualized as a place serving Japanese food with a twist from the usual fare, through a hint of local and Western gourmet inspirations.”

Hei Maki ; RM13.99

Drawing inspiration from the brand’s innovative spirit, the name “Hei” is one that signifies growth and development, as well as a keen reflection of its desire to relentlessly serve quality food and customer service. The flowers in perpetual bloom, swathed in a refreshing green, convey abundance overflowing from Hei Sushi’s commitment to nurture rewarding culinary experiences.

Flower Tea RM7.99

Some must-try choices include the Special Makimono series, where Hei Sushi creatively blends traditional Japanese rolls with that of unique local ingredients. For an enticing  experience and flavoursome twist be sure to savour Hei Maki, a signature tempura maki prepared with otak-otak, as well as Jackfruit Ebi Maki which is a maki creation comprising golden prawn tempura with an exquisite topping of jackfruit slices.

Jackfruit Ebi Maki ; RM15.99

The Jackfruit Ebi Maki was something new and it taste brilliantly with the Jackfruit Slice and the prawn tempura. I love it!

Temari Sushi 

Apart from these, Hei Sushi features a wide variety of tantalizing a la carte dishes combining the best of Western and Japanese selections, such as Maguro steak Rikkyuyaki (pan-fried tuna steak in sesame paste sauce and served with a steamed bun). 

Maguro Steak Rikkyuyaki RM22.99

One of my favorite dishes that I try that day was the Maguro Steak Rikkyuyaki, the combination of the sweet bun, the soft and juicy tuna was excellent. Adding the sauce makes it a perfect dishes that you should try...

In addition, there are main courses comprising a fine selection of seafood and meat set meals like the Hei Tori Specialty (chef’s specialty grilled chicken complemented with mango salad, pulut onigiri and spicy peanut sauce). The peanut sauce really spicy and it taste great for us Malaysian!

Hei Tori Specialty : RM25.99

For heavy eaters, the King Platter comes highly recommended  –  a sumptuous 3-course meal consisting of grilled chicken, striploin and seafood, served alongside mushroom and vegetables with signature sauce. 

King Platter ; RM49.99

And of course, no meal is complete without dessert  – Hei Sushi offers diners one-of-a-kind after-meal indulgences such as Jackfruit Temptations  which is  luscious pairing of  jackfruit in tempura style  with vanilla ice cream and a topping of butterscotch syrup. One of the dessert that you should try. It is something new and it does taste wonderful.. I love the jackfruit tempura... 

Jackfruit Temptation ; RM8.99

Indeed, Hei Sushi invites Japanese food lovers to discover an-all new gastronomic experience like never before. Come be a part of the Hei adventure by visiting our outlet at P03A, Plaza Level, Alamanda Shopping Mall today!

For more information, please contact: Ms Yew June, Group General Manager of Marketing for Hei Sushi and Sakae Sushi Malaysia Marketing at +6012 382 8617

Hei Hei Hei!

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  1. Yummy yummy! Miss their sushi! Especially the sashimi platter


  2. suka sangat sushi!! yummy! dah lama lak x makan. macam sdap je.. heheh

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