Review Aku Penghibur : Winner Best Lifestyle Blog MSMW 2014/2015

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Aku Penghibur literally means I'm Entertainer. So what's its so entertaining with this blog? How the author entertain the reader?

Yes, that is the question that come out from my mind for the first time I heard about this blog. Maybe most of you will thought it was a entertainment blog. But what entertaiment that the blog owner would love to share to his reader?

Aku Penghibur is not a name that need not to be introduce in Malaysia's Blogging society. "Aku Penghibur" was chosen after the blog owner, Acik, received a compliment from Datuk Aznil Hj Nawawi said that "awak boleh jadi penghibur yang baik (you can be a great entertainer)".

This award winner for Lifestyle Blog MSMW 2014/2015  said the recipe behind his success  was from his mother and family prayer,the support from his friends and also from his reader. Even though he is success in Blogging life, he is a humble person.

Mohd Izahar bin Sabtu or more friendly with his nickname Acik always eager to help others newbie blogger especially the important knowledge on how to manage a blog. One Chinese quotes said that ; "If you want a horse to run faster, you have to give them a quality grass." 

From Acik opinion, to become a successful blogger, one have to be ready with all the criticism,have a great passion, consistency and creative in writing a blogpost.

Most of the EFGiers have a great respect on Acik. If we had an issue in blogging world that we did not really familiar with, we will get back to him. And he with his open heart will give his opinion and lead us the way. His brilliant idea and criticism really useful and the way he teach us just like a brother and her sister/brother. He so friendly and I was grateful to know him personally. I didn't mean to praise him but this type of blogger should be a great role model to others blogger who want to be successful in Blogging. Personally, I felt that Acik is a warm person and have a good personality. He love his mom dearly... Such a good son and one should be grateful to have him as a life partner.. 

Acik(second from left) with his trophy.

One of my favorite entry in Acik blog is . An entry that thought us to be patient in finding your Mr/Mrs Right. In Allah we trust and we should have faith to Him. He will send us our Mr.Right at the right time at the right place. It also reflect my personal story when I met my husband. Allah send him to me when I need him most, the right time at the right place. 

Another thing that I love about is his entry is full of advice and also Islamic content where is brings benefit to me as a Muslim.. whenever and wherever we are we should go back to Him, the one who creates us... May Allah bless Acik always and Kak Ami pray to Allah Acik will find your Mrs.Right soon after you have your right job or maybe when you had great financial to take of her and your mother. Allah know best!

So if you love reading and one day you don't know what to read, just head down to .. You will love all the great input from the web.. You can also follow his instagram to stalk his personal wonderful life at @

Are you ready to be entertain?

Let's go to!

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