Dutch Lady New Improved Growing Up Milk : Consumer Launch

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Mommy who gave their children Dutch Lady milk must be aware that Dutch Lady has launched its newly improved formulated milk powder for children. Courtesy of the new launched milk powder, Dutch Lady would love their consumer to join the great event as an appreciation and awareness to their consumer about the new improved growing up milk powder!

so Welcome to the Milestones Walk!

Photo  : isaactan.net

I attended the consumer event that happening on 18 April, Saturday at Sunway Convention Centre with my family members, my Mother in Law and also my two children. Everyone were so excited for the event.

photo courtesy : isaactan.net

The best part of the event was the whole place has turn to be a new world for them to discovered it. My daughter and son did an experiential walk through for different milestones and there was so many activities to understand what are the milestones that children go through as they grow.

Curious Stage 1-2 years old (vision development).

In this stage children are always have the high curiosity about things surround them. In this event the children were expose with the activities such as playing the bubbles. My daughter and son always love to play with bubbles. :D


curiosity kills the cat!?!

the other children on the event

Playing with the shadow activities. Zahra and Fateh actually afraid with the shadow...hahaha...

playing with the shadow

Explore Stage 2-4 years old (natural body resistance)

In this stage children were expose with the outdoor activities where they were played and explore the garden. In this garden they were so many flower and bugs to be discovered.

dutch-lady-milk-consumer-launch-milestone-walk-sunway-convention-centre-1, pokok jenjarum
so did you know it has honey?

Zahra were thought about the Jenjarum flowers and she was blur about it..hahaha.. but you know when I was kid I love suck the honey from flower..it such a great things when you play in the garden. But so sad nowadays this flower also a rare things to be found. 

lets search the ladybug

family picture

Create Stage 4-6 years old (creativity)

In this stage children are starting using their creativity with the things surround them. So in this Dutch Lady Milestone Walk children were expose to use their creativity to play with the kinetic sand. if you notice my baby Fateh are more likely to be the observer in every activities..hihi..he so cute...


Others than playing with sand, children were encourage to did a drawing and also create building/items with boxes. El-Fateh and Az-Zahra did enjoyed the drawing sessions so much but to bad they wear a white cloth I'm discouraged them with the activites..LOL!

Learn Stage 6 years old (focus & memory)

This were the last stage on the event where this stage are of cos for the 6 years old children. For Zahra and Fateh it was huge to digest but she enjoyed and love to try everything.

Zahra chose to play spot the different games. But then her mother who the one spot everything..LOL!

spot the different

There is also milk magic and simple mathematics game. Mathematics game not suitable for Zahra eventhough she know 1,2,3 but she still don't know how to count. But she know 1+1 is 2..hihihih..

So Dutch Lady new improved milk powder had made the milk powder special and tailored nutrition from Dutch Lady help the child in their different milestone. Mommy please ensure your children had the right milk for their right stage. its crucial for them to ensure the grown up properly and healthy!

Other activities during the consumer launch

1. Meet and greet session with Mia Sara

There is meet and greet session with Mia Sarah on that day. somehow I lost the photo on that day..hurmmm...so sad...

2. Milk counter to try the newly improved Dutch Lady Growing Up Milk Powder

At the milk counter children were encourage to try the new milk formula. Zahra drink 3 cup of milk on that day. I think she love it so much..

Dutch Lady Milk

3. Colouring activities

My children enjoying the coloring activities while Bonda enjoying the lucky draw session and joining the Dutch Lady Moms Club.
4. Lucky Draw

I won a puzzle for the lucky draw! wee!!!

5. Join Dutch Lady Moms Club to enjoy brand new rewards - including an insurance plan tailored for your child’s education**
On that day I also register the Dutch Lady Moms Club. There is so much benefit that you can get when you registered on this club. One of them is you can have the Insurance for your children. 

What is Dutch Lady Insurance?

Together with AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad, we have tailored a special insurance programme for children aged 1 - 10 years that will keep their education funded and give them financial security should anything happen to the parent or legal guardian.

Log on to : https://www.smartmoments.com.my/momsclub/dlsmartinsurance/ for more info about the Insurance Terms and Conditions.

Lastly thank you Dutch Lady for the invite to this great event.

To understand and find out how can parents support their child’s development:

About new improved Dutch Lady Growing Up Milk, please log on to :

Ducth Lady Moms,

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  1. it good to give them early exposure to the real world.. anyway kak eny pun suka dutch lady..,

  2. i also like to drink this dutch lady brand because of kosh la dia sedap.hihi..btw,,your daughter and son super duper cute! :)

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