REVIEW NOTA PURBA : Cuteness Behind its Mistery

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You probably might know what is EFG. EFG is one of a way to promote your blog by exchanging feed link with the others blog that is involved. Every blog that involved in this feed exchange group will had their feed on each others blog according to the schedule that have been agreed. From here we can gain more traffic for others blog and we also love to do the blogwalking session and helping everyone in the group to increase their blog value.

Starting from today, every members of EFG will be review the others member. And our lucky number one is a blogger who stay in Selangor.

blog nota purba

Known as FR or Fendi Rocka, this misterious blog owner wrote a very poetic word in his blog. FR admit his artistic bloodline came from his brother from another mother, the sensation Melodi host, Awal Ashaari. You defitinely can imagine how handsome he is right?

His blog " Nota Purba" will be one your favorite because it is so unique. Reading one entry from his blog will be enough to explain all about it...hurmmm... 

His blog is far away from any wild gossip, and Nota Purba is about his experience and situation in his everyday life. It was fun and entertaining to read about it.  From the way he writes you definitely can guess the character behind this mysterious person.

FR was the 24th member from 41 members in EFG. Eventhough EFG has a big family, but FR was the one that others love and please to be with. FR was the one who cheers us up in our Kopitiam everyday. Our Kopitiam will not be complete without his tease and it create a great bond between all the members.

FR motivation is to ' Move On!'

FR is funny guy, and that makes everyone happy when he is around. EFG actually had interview FR before this and the answer he gave from the interview were definitely one of the kind and will give you a clue to this mysterious guy.

Q : What is chemistry in academic words (not less than 200words)

FR Answer : "Chemistry adalah bila mata kita saling berpandangan, timbul buih-buih cinta, dan common sense mula keluar dari kepala, kat situ kimia jahat memainkan peranan, ulang 50 kali untuk cukupkan 200 words,"


If you want to know more about this mysterious funny guy, drop by his blog at or follow his instagram at @fndrocka 

My last word to FR, thank you for making my day more happening everyday and may you succeed in your blogging life!

EFG Sisterhood !

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  1. cubaan sel2 puitis mula masuk ke dalam ruang kosong di pojok minda saya

  2. wajib terjah

    memang misteri orangnya.. jom kita bongkar ^_^

  3. hanya berkisah tentang dunianya sendiri. x jemu baca entry FR

  4. you don't need drugs to be a good writer.. you just need someone like FR.

  5. just sit back..relax... and enjoy..while reading NOTA PURBA...

  6. beruntung dapat berkenalan seorang yang kacak dan mampu menghasilkan entri yang diluarkotak pemikiran

  7. Seorang FR yang misteri :D #EFG Awesome

  8. penulisan yang tak jemu dibaca :)

  9. Blog nota purba memang misteri tapi terbaikk ! ;)

  10. Segala persoalan akan terjawab di nota purba

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